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Rodrick conner

Rodrick Conner is a self-taught, artistic photographer that has been shooting since 2013 and is happy to share that his camera has taken him all over the world. His realm for photography stretches from portraiture (meaning he takes amazing pictures of people!) to food and event photography and now specializing in real-estate as well as commercial architecture and interiors. Some of his most sought after shootings include weddings, seniors, creative family, and kids.

He also shoots film and video and has been doing so for almost a decade. He states that it is a true passion and the journey has been exciting and simply amazing. His skills have flourished as he’s experimented with film making, commercial advertising, and music videos. Having worked with some of the finest creative agencies and film crews he developed the ability to not only communicate well with others, but to read situations as they unfold, use his creative skills and visions and make the most of productions that seem to develop a life of their own. While most companies focus on over-produced trailers Rodrick finds that many people want a unique experience tailored to them, their personalities and their needs, meaning they want the “whole” epic experience. Rodricks end product for each and every client is unique and custom made, shot by a photographer/videographer that pays attention to details and nuances while making it a fun and epic experience!

Rodrick has been published in over 20 magazines, named “Best Photographer” of the year and is continuing to build his skills and brand. Now in the words of Rodrick, “enough about me, let's create some lasting memories of YOU!